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More ABOUT ASC  Consultants

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Adam Churchwell's journey with Anti-NMDA Auto-Immune Encephalitis has been a powerful and transformative experience. After being diagnosed 8 years ago, he was forced to relearn how to live his life. This included learning to walk, talk, read, write, and even eat again.  During this time, he experienced a newfound appreciation of the importance of work-life balance and uncovered his passion in helping others do the same. Now, as the founder of A.S.C Consultants, Adam uses his story and knowledge to empower individuals through mentorship and guidance so that they can reach success on their own terms. His mission is to help people find their passions and create lives they love living.


 The services offered by A.S.C Consultants can help transform individuals’ lives. Through one-on-one sessions, the company helps clients gain clarity and insight into their passions and potential. 


Successfully helped clients find their passions and create lives they love living, with evidence of success stories such as:

- Mic Mountain: A musician and artist who gained clarity on her career aspirations and increased his record sales by more than double in 12 month period and also realized his first full-length animated movie. and

- Pasadena Theatre Company: This non-profit theater company has been around since 1978 and hosts holiday productions and gives aspiring actors and actresses an opportunity to hone their skills in a comfortable and friendly environment. When ASC started working with PTC, they had 9 tickets sold for their upcoming production. Within 30 days, they started to sell out shows. Every show was sold out by opening night.


With A.S.C Consultants, individuals can make use of the services provided by Adam and his team to gain clarity and insight into their passions and potential. If you're ready to take the first steps towards creating a life you love living and achieving success on your own terms, then Adam Churchwell and A.S.C Consultants have the tools and mentorship to help get you there. 


  • 20+ Years of Marketing Experience

  • Successful Business Owner and Entrepreneur  

  • Published Author ( The 15-Hour Work Week)

  • ACIM with the Chartered Institute of Marketing

  • I operate 3 businesses and still don't miss a family dinner, date night with my wife, or anything else that most people would have to sacrifice due to standard work hours. 

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